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27 - 30, 2014

Eden Roc Hotel Miami Beach


Agenda Subject to change. No preregistration necessary for sessions unless noted. Day 1 breakout tracks will be product focused and Day 2 breakout tracks will be persona focused.

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Sunday, October 26
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Registration Opens    
Monday, October 27 Session Speaker/Instructor  
7:30 AM - 6:00 PM Registration Opens    
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pre-Conference Training:
Make it Shiny – Enhancing the User and Admin Interfaces for Enterprise Learning
Optional & Additional Fee
Make your system a little more exciting. This hand’s-on how to workshop will cover how to include Observation Checklist as part of the On-the-Job training workflow, Updating structures – using tracks, and how to set up reporting structures for make-up sessions Leveraging Learning Plans to manage complex learning requirements. This session is sure to please with great examples and take away files to help you hit the ground running.
Stephen Kilpatrick, Senior Solution Specialist, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Pre-Conference Training:
Let’s get it started! (Enterprise Learning: Introductory Product Overview)
Optional & Additional Fee
So have decided to implement the SumTotal Enterprise Learning Management System, now what? Join us for this hand’s-on workshop as take you through configuring the user interface, defining security roles and defining your data requirements for reporting and for defining audiences.
Sandy McQueen, Lead Solutions Specialist, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
Pre-Conference Training:
Out of the Box Reporting: New Advanced Reporting
Optional & Additional Fee
This course introduces participants to the basic use of building ad hoc reports using the core domains (datasets). Participants gain hands-on experience researching the data model, report structure, making format changes to a report, and making minor changes to SQL queries. Participants will test the report in the SumTotal application and troubleshoot as necessary.
Jonathan Marburger, Technical Writer, Engineering R&D, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
Pre-Conference Training:
Maestro Advanced Reporting - Covering the Basics and Beyond
Optional & Additional Fee
This course provides participants hands-on experience on building and formatting ad hoc reports and topics. As well as, delivering only the necessary data to your Supervisors and Administrators through permissions and dashboards.
Mikka Kjarland, Product Manager, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Pre-Conference Training:
Fun with Common Objects (Enterprise Learning integrated with Talent)
Optional & Additional Fee
Are you integrating your Talent Management and Learning Management pillars? After completing this pre-conference session you will be know what to consider when working with common objects, how Users, Organizations, jobs, Skills, and Competencies are used by each pillar, where use is same and where there are differences will help you plan for your implementation.
Sandy McQueen, Lead Solutions Specialist, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
Pre-Conference Training:
Beyond the Basics: New Advanced Reporting
Optional & Additional Fee
This course introduces participants to the advanced topics for building reports in Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting tool. Attendees of this session must be certified on Advanced Reporting by completing the SumTotal Advanced Reporting Certification Class prior to the session.
Jonathan Marburger, Technical Writer, Engineering R&D, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
Pre-Conference Training:
Enhancing the User Interface and Experience in Maestro Using Widgets, Themes, and Navigation
Optional & Additional Fee
Participants will learn how to leverage the configurability of Maestro to deliver a system that meets the needs of their end users. Hands-on experience will be gained within widgets, navigation, open site, and themes.
Mikka Kjarland, Product Manager, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Welcome Reception    
Tuesday, October 28 Session Speaker/Instructor Track
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Breakfast    
8:15 AM - 9:00 AM Welcome Keynote Address - SumTotal Overview & Vision Hardeep Gulati, General Manager and Head, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company, Chuck Moran, CEO and President, Skillsoft and Jerry Nine, Chief Operating Officer, Skillsoft  
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM Misys Case Study Charlotte de Metz, Global Head of HR, Misys  
9:30 AM - 10:15AM Special Keynote Speaker Industry Expert and Wharton Professor Peter Cappelli Peter Cappelli, Industry Expert and Wharton Professor  
10:15 AM - 10:30 AM Networking Break    
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM SumTotal and Skillsoft Vision Humair Ghauri, SVP Products & Technology, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company and John Ambrose, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, Skillsoft  
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM SumTotal elixHR Platform Vision and Roadmap Morne Swart, Vice President Product, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company, Amber Lloyd, Vice President, Product Strategy, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company, and Amit Mondal Vice President Engineering, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM Lunch    
12:15 PM - 6:00 PM Sign up for a 1:1 meeting with any of our Subject Matter Experts    
12:15 PM - 6:00 PM Partner Expo Open    
1:30 PM - 2:15 PM Foundations for Growth: The Evolution of Talent at Patterson Companies
From a home-grown system to an integrated talent management solution, Patterson Companies, a medical device distribution company headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, outgrew their existing system and expanded into an integrated talent management solution. Building upon a solid foundation of training, Patterson used SumTotal technology to create a new structure that supports continued growth and talent development in order ensure that the right people with the right skills were in the right roles. Join Patterson as they share:
  • The business drivers that caused the need for an integrated solution
  • How they used SumTotal technology to create a one-stop talent platform
  • Best practices for managing learning, performance, and compliance requirements
  • Lessons learned from planning through integration to user adoption
Lisa Jensen, Training and LMS Specialist, Patterson Companies, Inc. Talent Management Track
Cool New Stuff in Payroll
You spoke and we listened! The Payroll User Group told us what was important to them (reporting, self-service, user interface, etc.) and we made (most of it) happen! This session provides an overview of SumTotal’s latest enhancements into the payroll offering and a discussion of the features and functionality that is planned for future releases. Also hear Carowinds share their best practices of how they were able to incorporate all this “cool new stuff” in their solution!
Sandy Cranford, Director Human Resources, Carowinds and Mario Besner, Senior Director Product Management, SumTotal System, a Skillsoft Company Payroll Track
Making the Decision to Upgrade – Discussion on New Functionality and Benefits
Workforce Management systems are used more frequently than almost any corporate application with the possible exception of email. Given the frequency of interaction and innovative rules-based flexibility, these systems can uniquely position HR managers to positively impact continuous improvement efforts in organizational agility, efficiency and compliance. In this session we will discuss the evolution of WFM from the simple timeclock to the conduit through which organizations plan, educate, influence, measure behavior and grow productivity; at the point of worker interaction.
Craig Fearon, Director, Product Management, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company and Paul Hubert, HRIS, Acosta Sales and Marketing, Acosta Workforce Track
OneWest Bank: Examining the Employee Journey of Change Management vs. Transition Management in the Workplace
HR executives use the term “change management” and “transition management” all the time and there always seems to be some confusion of the definitions. Change management is moving from point A to point B and Transition Management is accepting the movement from point A to point B while working through the process, and ultimately finding meaning in the move. However, when there is no clear delineation, the result for employees can be confusion and lack of clarity on what is needed to move an initiative forward. As HR leaders we know we must be sensitive to where our employees are in their personal movement , the hierarchy of change and the emotions associated with it. Join OneWest Bank for this interactive session as they discuss this topic and work thru a number of exercises including:
  • Reviewing examples of change (i.e. new job, new location)and the emotions that were felt going thru that change –What were the logistical steps you implemented? How did you feel along the way? What did you tell yourself about the change? What sorts of questions did you ask? Was it ultimately positive for you?
  • Address the example of change from a professional point of view.
  • Explore how organizations can do a much better job of leading our coworkers and employees through transition so that they ultimately find positive meaning in the change
Diane Byrnes, FVP, Learning and Development, OneWest Bank Learning Enterprise Track
Evolution of a Solution: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust Auto-Assignment
In the world of technology, the one constant is change. Over the past 10 years, administration of two business-critical learning programs at Edward Jones (firm continuing education, anti-sexual harassment training) has changed dramatically. This presentation traces the evolution of these programs as they moved from mainframe to the web-based LMS, examining how technology both presented obstacles and helped to overcome them
Keith Dudding, Learning System Administrator, Edward Jones Learning Maestro Track
Remove the Bottleneck: Using LMS Creatively to Boost Efficiency
The Automobile Club of Southern California covers everything from keeping you safe on the road to planning your next vacation to grooming new drivers. Join the Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) as they share their secrets to efficiency utilizing their SumTotal Pathlore LMS solution. Driving school students formerly would call in and be forced to wait to see if they were enrolling in the proper sequence. Travel agents formerly could not track their trainings through outside resources. Through innovative usage, they were able to change the process and saved the company countless hours in scheduling and tracking bringing by simple modules into programs their staff already use. Join Daniel Lopez, Sr. HR Consultant of AAA as he shares his solutions to these challenges and poses ideas that may boost efficiency in your organization.
Daniel Lopez, Sr. HR Consultant, AAA - Auto Club of Southern California Learning Pathlore Track
2:15 PM - 2:30 PM Networking Break    
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM Fallon Health - Driving to a Performance Driven Culture
The mission of Fallon Health, a nationally recognized, not-for-profit health care services organization is to support the diverse and changing needs of those they serve. The concept of talent management at Fallon Health grew out of an initiative to create a performance driven culture (PDC) to grow and strengthen their culture of engagement. This presentation will discuss the strategic process of ensuring all employees have clear and measured goals that are aligned with the corporate strategic plan, how they created a comprehensive competency model and how this was program was measured via the performance evaluation process. Objectives and the implementation cycle will also be discussed as a background to this case study.
Linda St. John, SVP & CHRO, Fallon Health and Scott Beaird, Sr. Director, Talent Management, Fallon Health Talent Management Track
Accenture: Improving Payroll Process with SumTotal Payroll
Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company and one of the largest consulting firms in the world made up of multinational management consulting, technology services and outsourcing services. Accenture North America Payroll decided to outsource the payroll technology for their organization. This session will provide an overview of Accenture’s use of the Sum Total Saas Model as well as an overview of how Accenture’s Payroll team and Sum Total partner to deliver Accenture’s Payroll for US and Canada.
Carol Delort, Global Payroll Manager, Accenture Payroll Track
Time is Money: Making sure you have the right people in the right place at the right time with SumTotal Workforce Management
Managing your workforce has changed. With employees on the move and remote workers spread across multiple time zones and countries, tracking and reporting time and attendance is more important than ever – especially for industries with compliance requirements. Join us as we discuss how to better operate in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment, how to adapt to changing business conditions, how to optimize absences capabilities and scheduling and much more!
Morne Swart, Vice President Product, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company Workforce Track
The Calm in the Storm: Supporting Organizational and Individual Change through Learning
2013 was a year of immense change for the American Cancer Society as they underwent the largest organizations transformation in its 100 year history. Tasked with implementing a new field structure that shifted from a decentralized, division based operation to centralized enterprise operations and key functions, this change impacted thousands of staff around the globe. Besides designing and managing a new field structure, they had to create an overall change management process while provide managers with the ongoing tools and resources needed to be successful. By linking these tools to their LMS, they were able to pull credible data that informed the overall strategy and supported clear documentation of results. During this presentation, the American Cancer Society will share their best practices and insights of how they were able to drive this global program from a talent development and HR perspective, and the corresponding results.
Shelley Saeger, M.ED.,CPLP,SPHR, Director, Learning Design, American Cancer Society, Inc. and Anita Davis, Senior Consultant Learning Designer, American Cancer Society, Inc. Learning Enterprise Track
Training = (eCommerce + LMS) / Instructor x Delivery Method
No matter who wants training, when they want it, or how they want it, Magento (an eBay Inc. company) has it covered! By using SumTotal Maestro LMS and leveraging its ability to integrate with other systems, Magento has been able to seamlessly sell and deliver product training to their global customers, partners and employees. Learn how they seamlessly integrated Maestro LMS with their website and video streaming solution to drive the student shopping and course purchase experience resulting in reduced manual data entry, more useful reporting on customer behavior, and driving sales.
Brian Dressler, Manager, Business Systems, Magento (an eBay Inc. company) Learning Maestro Track
Developing a Learning Community to Advance Organizational Change
Organizational change is becoming the daily norm for business practices. Transformational change can be defined as organizational change impacting the majority of people in the organization and therefore the culture. Organizational Change Management methods tend to focus on management buy-in and visible communication. While this is a key component for change success, another important key is buy-in and engagement from those on the ground, operating in the new environment. Developing a Learning Community for transformational change supports change implementation and most importantly creates long-term sustainability. This interactive session will provide an overview of Salt River Project’s key components for creating a Learning Community and how they were able to develop participants as change resources who will implement and sustain change over time.
Madison Prince, MAEd, Prosci-certified, OCM Analyst, Salt River Project Learning Pathlore Track
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM Networking Break    
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM The Road to a Total HR Solution - How to Get Buy-In from the Executive Suite
HR is begging for a simple to use, simple to configure, simple to launch tool to bring together all of the elements needed to impact the business as a whole. But why isn't anyone in the executive suite excited about the opportunity to make HR more efficient? The answer is in the question! Find out how Power Integrations turned the search for a new "Performance Review Tool" into the successful implementation of a total HR solution - SumTotal Systems Talent Management Suite. The presentation will give you useable examples of lessons learned and our most successful actions from pre-RFP to vendor selection to unprecedented support from the CEO and his staff for a complete solution. This process was a Game Changer for our HR team and the company, and it can be the same for you, too!"
Rebekah Fernandez, Manager, Compensation and HRIS, Power Integrations Talent Management Track
The Evolution of Payroll at Leggett & Platt
Leggett & Platt has had an long and eventful journey in the world of Payroll technology by being one of the oldest Payroll customers in SumTotal history. Starting 37 years ago on an IBM mainframe in a batch environment to an online environment to a green screen to the payroll product of Sumtotal today, Leggett & Platt has managed to stay cutting edge in delivering payroll technology to all 10,000+ plus North American employees while supporting their diverse needs. In this session you will learn about the evolution of Leggett & Platt’s payroll initiatives over the years as well as their insight, approach and best practices for customized method codes (vacation accrual, stock purchases, multiple branches, direct deposit 401K, etc.). They will also discuss their thoughts on the future of payroll technology and the next-step plans for their organization.
Michelle Wingo, Manager - Information Technology, Leggett & Platt, Inc. Payroll Track
Demystifying Expense Management – Improving the Bottom Line on Your #2 Controllable Cost
Labor is typically the #1 controllable cost in most organizations. However most people don’t realize that employee business expense such as travel and entertainment typically account for the 2nd highest controllable cost. Attend this session to find out how you SumTotal’s Expense Management solution can help reduce your overall costs, increase compliance and increase employee satisfaction. In addition, this session will also cover best practices tips and trends in expense management.
Craig Fearon, Director, Product Management, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company Expense Track
Telkom Mobile Case Study: LMS Optimization
The Telkom Group is a full-service telecommunications provider for South Africa. The company offers wholesale, business, residential and payphone customers a wide range of voice and data services and products. To keep up with the demand for its services, Telkom Mobile grew its workforce through internal hires and by relying on out-sourced employees in its customer call centers. This dramatically increased the need for rapid and reliable training. This presentation will focus on how Telkom optimized their existing LMS to address a number of identified key enhancements required to deliver the required business value. They will also share their blueprint for their ‘Theatre of Service’ mobile academy which addressed the challenge of an increased workforce with more employees working from disparate and remote locations.
Otsile Mabyane, Manager: L&D Customer Service Academy, Telkom Learning Enterprise Track
Making the Right Decision in Choosing a Partner
The Brandon Hall Group reports that 43% of organizations are planning on changing their LMS platforms in the next year. How could that many companies be unhappy with their current vendors? Are all the vendors really that bad, or should other factors be considered? What it comes down to is your vendor partner selection process. Without a solid strategy and well thought out process, it’s extremely difficult to end up with success. Over one year ago, Ace Hardware, one of the most trusted and respected brands on the planet, thought they needed to change vendors to deliver the world-class LMS platform their retailers deserved…..they learned a lot along the way. Join Ace Hardware as they share their best practices in the vendor selection process will show you how to adapt and apply these proven tools and tactics to your own company and industry.
Jay Heubner, Director, Retail Learning and Development, Ace Hardware Learning Maestro Track
Extending Pathlore with MS SQL Server Reporting
Delta Air Lines is a hosted SumTotal customer and uses Pathlore to manage training records and qualifications for the majority of its more than 80,000 employees and contractors worldwide. How do our Pathlore reports keep up with this high volume? Our original reporting tools had trouble with the ever-increasing demand for reports and we sought a creative solution. The answer – implement Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), hosted by SumTotal, alongside our Pathlore LMS. With SSRS, Delta has found creative ways for our largely distributed workforce to access training reports and the type of information made available.

Some examples are:

  • We proactively push critical reports via email to operational supervisors, who are usually not at a desk, allowing them to focus on just the employees who need a training reminder.
  • Our traveling facilitators appreciate a class roster in their email the day before class start.
  • We generate over 4,300 qualification reports daily so supervisors in our Technical Operations division have quick access to validate an employee’s maintenance qualifications.
  • We generate a daily feed of qualification data to other systems eliminating a custom integration and the development cost.
Kelly Gibbs, Manager-LMS Strategy, Delta Air Lines Learning Pathlore Track
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Partner reception    
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Shuttle bus to South Beach    
Wednesday, October 29   Speaker/Instructor Track
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Breakfast    
8:15 AM - 9:00 AM Making our Customers Successful Maulik Datanwala,Vice President of Support and Services, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company, Jeff Lyons, Senior Vice President of Operations, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company and Jackie Funk, SVP Marketing, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Compelling talks from the SumTotal "Class of 2014"
Learn how our customers are improving employee engagement and seeing the impact on their overall business with SumTotal. Class graduates will discuss how they are using SumTotal at their organization to assess talent and build a culture of engagement.
Leigh Brady, Executive Vice President Organizational Development, State Employees' Credit Union (SECU), Veronica Wynkoop, Corporate Trainer, YapStone and Moderated by Jeff Lyons, Senior Vice President of Operations, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
9:45 AM - 10:15 AM Networking Break    
10:15 AM - 10:45 AM American Cancer Society Case Study Kimberly Currier, Vice President, Talent Development, American Cancer Society, Inc.  
10:45 AM - 11: 30 AM Why Talent Management Isn’t Enough – The Talent Expansion Revolution Bill Docherty, Vice President Product, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company and Morne Swart, Vice President Product, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM Special Keynote Speaker Author and Humorist Dave Barry Dave Barry, Author & Humorist  
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM Lunch    
12:15 PM - 6:00 PM Sign up for a 1:1 meeting with any of our Subject Matter Experts    
12:15 PM - 6:00 PM Partner Expo Open    
1:30 PM - 2:15 PM Learning Doesn’t Stop in the Classroom: Using the LMS to Promote Continuous Learning
The County of San Diego embraces a culture of "investing in people" by retaining and constantly developing that pool of talent. A major component of this culture is keeping employees well trained and up to date. In response to this need for continuous development, the County has developed a continuous learning model. Continuous learning has been defined as the ability to continually develop and improve one’s skills and knowledge in order to perform effectively and adapt to changes in the workplace. The following topics will be discussed:
  • Prepare for continuous learning - introducing learners to informal and social learning
  • Understanding how to change the culture of an organization that has only focused on formal learning
  • Exploring how the County is using the LMS as a tool to market and promote continuous learning
Ciara Webb, Sr Human Resources Analyst , County of San Diego Evolve - Trends that are moving the Industry forward
Mobile learning in the Real World
If you read learning blogs, it’s likely a mobile learning blog has crossed your path more than once. Mobile learning has gained more attention in the past couple of years than ever before, and McAfee is taking a unique approach.

In this session, you will follow the thought process from investigation and planning, to vetting and implementation of the SumTotal Mobile application. You will gain a better understanding of the many considerations along the way, and will see some examples of McAfee’s mobile learning in action.
Justin Soto, Business Analyst, Learning Architecture and Enablement, McAfee Visionaries - A glimpse into the future of SumTotal Systems
Enabling Continuous Learning
All the buzz about continuous learning is exciting! Technology platforms and tools open up opportunities to innovate and deliver impact with fewer limitations in formal, social, and informal learning leading to improved scalability and efficiency in L&D. Organizations also have solid experience with online delivery and are in a position to more successfully meet workforce demands for a more individualized learning experience. Now that the options have expanded and the demand is increasing, are you certain the practices and mindsets of your team have kept pace? Which levers could you pull to create an even more successful continuous learning environment?
Kieran King, Global Vice President of Loyalty Strategy, Skillsoft and Bill Docherty, Vice President Product Strategy, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company The "Big Guys" - Best practices for our Enterprise customers
Enhancing the End User Experience
Helping learners find what they need in the LMS quickly and easily helps improve the learner's experience and increases overall satisfaction. It also saves time - and therefore money - for not only the learners, but for administrators and help desk staff. Hear ABC Supply share their best practices of how to leverage your system features to best fit your learners' needs. They will share tips and tricks of how to create fantastic news that's just right for your learners in the news feature, make the most of the To Do list on the Learner Home Page, how to simplify the menu structure to keep learners focused on just what they need and how to group learning activities together through the use of curriculums, training plans, and development plans. These experts will share ideas on how to create custom user messages by changing text strings. Included in the presentation are a variety of job aids for learners.
Bernice Zaehringer, ABC University System Admin, ABC Supply, Inc. and Irene Campbell, LMS Expert, ABC Supply, Inc. Small & Mighty - Best practices for the SMB Market
A Reporter’s Dream: The All-New Data Dictionary
If you’re responsible for reporting at your company, you’ll definitely want to take a few moments to work with Jonathan Marburger. As our Technical Trainer, Jon is responsible not only for Advanced Reporting training, but he has managed the development of SumTotal’s powerful new Data Dictionary. Get tips and tricks from the pro, learn how to become a pro yourself, and most importantly, get started creating the reports your company needs! This session will focus on the Data Dictionary for Advanced Reporting and Analytics; demonstrations will focus on the Advanced Reporting element.
Jonathan Marburger, Technical Writer, Engineering R&D, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company Tips & Tricks - Do more with the systems you have in place
2:15 PM - 2:30 PM Networking Break    
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM Scaling Leadership Development: A New Way Forward
Today's turbulent and complex business environment poses unique and demanding challenges for leaders at all levels. Many lead in an environment of both abundance and scarcity, where the work is abundant (emails, meetings, projects…) and time is scarce. This is the leadership development conundrum of our time. Leaders believe they must choose between getting work done, as more and more gets put on their plate, or developing themselves and their team. This is a false choice. Learn why a mindset trumps a skillset and how to scale leadership development at all levels of your organization.
Priti Shah, Vice President of Leadership Product Strategy, Skillsoft Evolve - Trends that are moving the Industry forward
Using SumTotal Solutions to Transform Behaviours and Increase Productivity
In 2013 Misys, a 4,500 person company operating in 50 countries, merged with another company of 1,000 people. The result was the classic human capital issue for large, disparate organisations: who do you have, where and what can they do? How to create a joined-up strategy and ensure everyone understands their contributions in making that happen? Join Shauna O’Handley as she describes the Misys journey to a company-wide learning and talent strategy, sharing the gains and lessons learned on the way.
Shauna O’Handley, Head of Talent Value Proposition & Performance, Misys Visionaries - A glimpse into the future of SumTotal Systems
Creating Worldwide Learning: LMS Globalization Strategy
Reed Elsevier is a world leading provider of information solutions for professionals and encompasses a group of companies including LexisNexis Legal & Professional, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Reed Business Information, Elsevier, Reed Exhibitions. For this large organization, a global LMS implementation for 35,000 users was no simple task. This session will review Reed Elsevier's strategy to roll out a solution to over 50 business units with multiple functional groups/departments throughout all companies by partnering globally with SumTotal Systems throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Learn key components to their strategy and discuss challenges faced to enhance your global and domestic best practices.
Varsha Gumastha, Global Learning Mgmt App Mgr, Reed Elsevier The "Big Guys" - Best practices for our Enterprise customers
Maestro: Starting Small but Thinking Big
Our situation involved designing and building an LMS using Maestro for multiple audiences, both internal and external sales and service learners, about 80% of which work for our network of representatives. Although we’re primarily the US sales/service division of a global manufacturing company, we tried to "think big" by designing in such a way that we can extend the system to a global audience, believing that our corporate training group will recognize the value of what we've built and want to join in. Our presentation will cover what we wanted to accomplish, our thought process behind design/implementation, our planned next steps, as well as lessons learned that can help you build in a scalable way for mixed audiences.
Scott Richardson, Training Group Manager, Endress+Hauser, Inc. and Lory Stovart, Business Support Specialist, Endress+Hauser, Inc. (Sales Center USA) Small & Mighty - Best practices for the SMB Market
Human Capital Transformation and Talent Management in the Federal Government (This presentation is applicable across all industries-the examples presented will be from the Federal Government)
It's no secret that people are the most valuable asset within any organization. Attracting, recruiting, developing, and maintaining high-levels of employee engagement represent the greatest talent management challenges for todays HR strategic business partners. Organizational missions, goals, and objectives are constantly evolving. Achieving the appropriate workforce-to-mission balance in a fiscally constrained environment is imperative. With a multi-generational workforce, and nearly 30% of the workforce eligible to retire, how do you create a talent management "system of systems" to recruit and incentivize new talent while maintaining institutional knowledge? This discussion will present proven best practices in analyzing your current workforce, planning for future demands, and implementing a Talent Management system inclusive of tools that will help transform your human capital strategies to deliver superior results to sustain your workforce.
Jeannette King, MBA, PMP, RMP, ITILv3 EXPERT, ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant-Manager President & CEO, SRE, Inc Tips & Tricks - Do more with the systems you have in place
3:15 PM - 3:45 PM Networking Break    
3:45 PM - 4:30 PM Natural Learning in a Technical World
Our workplaces are extremely fast paced. In our retail landscape everything is moving so fast. In many sectors this is the case. There is competition everywhere – the only way to distinguish yourself is by the service you provide. So how do you design for your learners that need confidence and skill to give your customers the best service? Based on what we now know, distance learning and e-learning can be more effective and resonant than we’ve ever designed it before. Join Overwaitea as they share their best practices to use technology to engage and impact their diverse and fast paced workforces through Training Plans, mobile solutions, creative communication plans to a workforce without e-mail, all the while keeping it social and collaborative.
Leona Lemdersi-Filali, Learning and Development Specialist, Overwaitea Food Group Evolve - Trends that are moving the Industry forward
Rethinking Retail ’s Human Capital Issues: A panel discussion
This panel discussion will feature senior leaders from globally respected retail organizations as well as an ‘expert’ retail implementation partner participating in a candid dialogue on how they are engaging business leaders and driving results through better talent practices at their respective organizations. This panel discussion will be moderated by Jedd Peterson, Director of Customer Success, and focus on the true challenges and best practices for deploying an integrated talent platform across a large retail organization. The leaders of the retail organization will answer candid questions about engaging executive leadership, managing the change associated with the technology deployment and address general ‘I wish I would have known...’ questions. This session will prove to be a lively and interesting discussion.
Erica Smith, Director, Instructional Learning, P.F. Changs and moderated by Jedd Peterson, Director, Customer Success, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company Visionaries - A glimpse into the future of SumTotal Systems
Duke Nuclear – The Power of Systems Integration
Integrating HR solutions with other business applications is a common goal for many organizations. For Duke Nuclear, which operates 11 nuclear units for the largest electric power holding company in the US, it’s not just a desire, it’s but rather a necessity to operate safely and effectively in a highly regulated industry. From workforce management and planning to health and security, the company has integrated its learning management solution with 14 other business systems. During this interactive question-and-answer session, learn how the company is using this holistic view of its workforce and operations to drive organizational success.
Al Sweney, Lead Nuclear IT Business Consultant, Duke Energy, Nuclear IT Application Support Manager, Duke Energy and Joseph Insinga, Sr. Account Executive, Customer Success, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company The "Big Guys" - Best practices for our Enterprise customers
Elevating Compliance Effectiveness
Skillsoft partners with clients to help mitigate risk and drive improved alignment with business strategy and outcomes by elevate the effectiveness of their compliance training programs to help. Through such engagements, Skillsoft has observed how various firms are positioned along the compliance maturity curve and developed a strong perspective on compliance program effectiveness. In this session, we will discuss the compliance maturity continuum and how Skillsoft's product and service strategy is structured to support clients' progress through the various stages.
Eugene Van Biert – VP & GM, Global Compliance Solutions, Skillsoft and Annette Wellinghoff, Business Strategy and Transformation Consultant, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company Small & Mighty - Best practices for the SMB Market
iCIMS presents Year of the Candidate
The job market is strengthening –meaning companies are hiring and candidates are searching for their next career match. As a result, employers are now using modern talent acquisition tools designed with the candidate experience in mind, such as mobile, social, and video, to grab the attention of best fit candidates.
Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer, iCIMS Tips & Tricks - Do more with the systems you have in place
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM Customer Appreciation Event    
Thursday, October 30   Speaker/Instructor  
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Breakfast    
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Sky is the limit
Join this session to discuss how you can maximize your return on your SumTotal investment. This session covers how Sumtotal Cloud is changing the game with its unique value with a single codeline acros deployment.
Greg Saltzman, Vice President, Cloud Operations, Hosting, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Companys & Kevin Currier - Chief Architect SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
9:45 AM - 10:30 AM Panel Discussion: The 5 Faces (or Heroes) you need to have in your HR Department Steve Boese, Co-Chair of Human Resource Executive’s HR Technology Conference, Kris Dunn,Chief Human Resources officer for Kinetix and Founder of HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent, Laurie Ruettimann, HR Industry Thought Leader, Speaker & Blogger and Tim Sackett, President at HRU Technical Resources and Recruiting Talent Pro  
10:30 AM - 10:45 AM Closing Remarks Hardeep Gulati, General Manager and Head, SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft Company  
10:45 AM -12:00 PM Expense Management User Group Roundtable Discussion    
Workforce Management User Group Roundtable Discussion    
Enterprise User Group Roundtable Discussion    
Pathlore User Group Roundtable Discussion    
Maestro User Group Roundtable Discussion    
Talent Management User Group Roundtable Discussion    
Payroll User Group Roundtable Discussion    
Pathlore User Group Roundtable Discussion    
Health Sciences User Group Roundtable Discussion    
Retail User Group Roundtable Discussion    
Financial Services User Group Roundtable Discussion    

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